NAMIBIA: Wernhil Park Mall Phase 4

LOCATION: Windhoek

Wernhil Park Mall Phase 4 consisted of alterations and additions to the existing mall. Approximate concrete quantities used;

–        2MPa soilcrete = 1 400m³

–        30MPa concrete = 16 730m³

–        40MPa concrete = 265 m³

–        Overall number of bricks amounted to 2 500 000

During the project the suspended slabs averaged 40 000m². Chryso fuge B was mixed into certain parts of the slab for waterproofing. 2 x 950m³ single cast post tension slab with polystyrene void fillers on top of the existing parking deck. The cement used was 32.5N and 42.5N CEM II Ohorongo Cement, and most of the concrete was ready-mix provided by City Concrete.

Photos and Information provided by Namibia Construction (Pty) Ltd.

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