NAMIBIA: Platz am Meer

LOCATION: Swakopmund

Platz am Meer consists of a two-level shopping Centre, offices, 3 levels of luxury apartments and a two-level parking structure. A new breakwater with boat launch was also constructed as a barrier against the ocean. The estimated quantities of material that went into completing the project is;


–        30MPa Concrete = 17 800m³

–        Formwork = 49 200m²

–        Roof Sheeting / Cladding = 4 225m²

–        7MPa Bricks = 2 785 000 bricks

–        Pavers = 40 350 m²

Granite boulders for breakwater = 48 000m³


Mass earthworks to form the platform and major retaining wall was constructed to form a barrier against the Atlantic Ocean. The cement used was 32.5N and 42.5N CEM II Ohorongo Cement, and most of the concrete was ready-mix provided and most of the concrete was ready-mix provided by Q-Crete.

Platz am Meer is a Namibian landmark that the local community can be proud of, granting opportunities, employment and business initiatives.

Photos and Information provided by Namibia Construction (Pty) Ltd.

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