NAMIBIA: MR44 Bridges

LOCATION: Various parts of Namibia

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: It is part of the Namport road project to assist with goods to be delivered to the north of Namibia and other SADDEC countries

CEMENT USED: CEMIR with 30% Fly Ash blend used. 30% Fly-ash was added to the concrete to increase the density and reduce permeability as well as cracking of concrete.

PROJECT ETA: The project started in 2018 and is still ongoing. 

AMOUNT OF CEMENT USED: One bridge cast uses about 363 tons of cement and 900 cubes of concrete


CONCRETE PLACEMENT: Due to confined space,  distance to cast element and height, all concrete was placed using a mobile pump. Small concrete elements were direct discharge from the mixer truck

HOW MANY BRIDGES HAVE BEEN CAST?: A total of 10 bridges has been cast since 2018. This is the total needed for this phase of the project

HOW MANY STILL HAS TO BE CAST?: None for the current phase, the next phase might have a few additional bridges to cast.

PROJECT CHALLENGES: Large Continuous Pours and concrete that had to be supplied from both Swakop and Walvis. Casting took long hours and either started early in the morning or continued to late into the evening. Casting regularly took about 16 hours while the finishing took another 6 hours. The whole bridge thus took 24 hours to complete.

Project details and photos supplied by: Coastal Precast & Paving / Suremix

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