NAMIBIA: Capricorn Corner

TOWN: Windhoek

PROJECT DISCRIPTION: The building is a combination of office space and residential flats build on top of basement parking. (Mixed Development)

PROJECT ETA: 12 Months

AMOUNT OF CEMENT USED: 201 Bags of 32.5 for brickwork and plastering. 4088 bags of 42.5 for concrete.

RECOMMENDED CONCRETE STRENGTH:  25mpa for columns and slabs and 30mpa for foundations. (Roughly 511 cubes of concrete)

CONCRETE PLACEMENT: Both direct discharge and pump mix. Pump was used on higher levels for slabs.


PROJECT CHALLENGES: Multi story buildings in itself is a challenge as the time for concrete to reach full strength prevents certain work from progressing which puts a strain on your timeline. Proper Strategic planning is key to complete a multi-story building within the desired timeline.


Project information and photos provided by Nexus Construction.

CLIENT: LIM Investments
CONTRACTOR: Nexus Mining & Construction

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