Empowering Brickmaking and Beyond with Strong, High-Quality Construction

Experience unmatched quality and strength with Ohorongo CEM I 42.5R, which is a pure Portland cement, composed of 95-100% clinker and 0-5% minor constituents. This cement is a rapid early strength cement, affording the user the opportunity for faster construction. This cement is particularly suitable for the precast industry, where quick turnover of concrete elements is important, while being excellent for ready mix high strength cocnrete applications as well. Due to the fact that it is a pure Portland cement, it is also excellent for blending with cement extenders to the user’s desired blending ratios. Its precision, resilience, and excellent quality guarantee to elevate your construction projects.

Features & Benefits:

– Ready-Mix concrete
– Precast concrete
– Higher early strength
– Industrial/large-scale brickmaking
– Blending with cement extenders such as fly ash and GGBS
– Roller compacted concrete