Transnamib Constructs Private Siding for Ohorongo Cement


On 16 December Ohorongo Cement (PTY) Ltd and TransNamib Holdings Limited entered into an agreement to construct a private siding on farm Sargberg, the location of Ohorongo’s cement factory. The private siding will be instrumental in the conveyance of raw materials and cement products to and from the factory when the plant is in production by the end of 2010.

In terms of the agreement, Trans Namib guarantees the standards of workmanship and materials, while the responsibility for maintenance is shared between Ohorongo and TransNamib. In addition, TransNamib will provide training regarding safe operations to Ohorongo’s locomotive operators free of charge.

Dr Jürgen Hilger, Ohorongo plant manager, states: ‘the shunting locomotive and private siding grants Ohorongo the benefit of moving heavy materials with ease on the firm’s property, while at the same time offering direct access to the national railway system.’

TransNamib accepted to carry the entire initial cost of the Eighteen Million Namibia Dollar project. Repayment to TransNamib by Ohorongo follows over the next five years, with payments calculated into the agreed transport rates.

Chief Executive Officer of TransNamib, Titus Hambili says: ‘The agreement reflects the confidence both parties hold in each other’s quality of service and the partner’s long term prospects in Namibia’.

While Ohorongo will be involved in the procurement processes in order to assure the quality of materials, the siding will be constructed by TransNamib under supervision of Windhoek Consulting Engineers. Commissioning is set for August 2010, in time to deliver coal, iron ore, gypsum and other essential materials required by Ohorongo to start the production of cement by the fourth quarter of 2010.

Construction of the plant is underway for about a year. With all works on schedule, the first cement bag labelled with the characteristic red kudu horns will be for sale on the Namibian market by the end of 2010. At full production, Ohorongo will produce more than 700 000 tonnes of cement per year.

The product will be marketed in Namibia and other SADC countries. Based on the condition of quality service, Ohorongo Cement is committed to rail all its bulk raw material and finished products, aiming to significantly contribute to reducing global carbon dioxide emissions.

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