OHORONGO CEMENT – Stimulates Northern Entrepreneurs

The Governor of Oshana Region, Hon. Clemens H Kashuupulwa, today (17 August 2017) officially opened the Ohorongo Cement Ondangwa Depot, which will cater for distribution of cement to the four Northern regions, and if feasible, export markets to Southern Angola.

The Governor commended Ohorongo Cement for its bold decision to make this N$4 million investment, despite the current economic trying times. “It is very pleasing to see Ohorongo Cement being optimistic to continue commit to capital projects, as it will position them well for future endeavours. As for their presence in Ondangwa, I believe it will support entrepreneurial drives in the four Northern regions,” the governor said.

The new depot is a result of Private Public Partnership agreement with TransNamib to lease land at Ondangwa railway station, and is part of the Northern Railway Extension project which extends from Tsumeb to Oshikango.

Hon. Kashuupulwa said the partnership between Ohorongo Cement and TransNamib is a lesson for all, “as these two entities have proven to us that the Northern Railway is a good investment by our Government that could bring positive changes to this part of the country. Thus, both the public and the private sectors need take advantage of its strategic location and close proximity to Regional and International markets.”

The newly opened Ohorongo Cement depot next to the TransNamib railway station at Ondangwa.
The newly opened Ohorongo Cement depot next to the TransNamib railway station at Ondangwa.
Ohorongo Cement invested N$4 million into this infrastructure for the distribution of various cement types, including the CEM II 42.5 N, CEM I 42.5 R, CEM II 32.5 N B-LL. These are for the local market, while CEM II 42.5 N, Portuguese labelled, will also be available for the export markets in neighbouring Angola.

“We are taking this opportunity to expand whilst building local value chains and solid business relationships. We believe that the spins for this investment toward local entrepreneurs, especially the transporters, will be great,” said Hans-Wilhelm Schütte, Managing Director of Ohorongo Cement.

Schütte encouraged Namibian public and private business to work together, in order to contribute meaningfully to the country’s National goals of becoming a prosperous nation, through securing livelihoods, protecting jobs, creating new ones and reducing poverty.

“This spirit of co-operation and unity of purpose will take our country many steps forward on the path of socio-economic development and the realisation of our national goals such as NDP5, Harambee Prosperity Plan and Vision 2030,” added the TransNamib’s Acting Executive for Commercial and Marketing, Mr Zebby Mukungu.

Building material retailers and cement transporters, as well as the local authority of the town of Ondangwa were amongst those who attended the event.

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