Human Capital, Ohorongo’s Best Asset

Ndilimeke Kaulinge, Controlling Manager of Ohorongo Cement.
Ndilimeke Kaulinge, Controlling Manager of Ohorongo Cement.
Loyal, effective & efficient employees (human capital) are the best asset a company can have.  Ohorongo Cement is fortunate in that regard and prides itself in the quality of its employees, who are viewed as the heartbeat of the company.
One such example is Ndilimeke Kaulinge, Controlling Manager of Ohorongo Cement. We had a brief discussion with this young achiever on her career path.
Q:  Tell us more about yourself
A:  I was born in Swakopmund, but I have lived in Windhoek for most of my life. I am a bit of a home-body, but I do enjoy travelling and I’d love to see more of our beautiful continent.

Q.  Give us a short history of your training and career prior to joining Ohorongo cement?
I have a total of eight years’ experience in various roles in finance and accounting, mainly in the hospitality-, retail- and manufacturing industries. I hold a Bachelor of Commerce in Financial Accounting from the University of Cape Town and I  recently became a member of CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants).  
I started at Ohorongo Cement as a Plant Controller in June 2017 and was promoted to a Controlling Manager in August 2018.

Q:  You mentiond that you attained a CIMA qualification. What does this entail? 
A:  CIMA qualification is  recognised worldwide as the most relevant global finance qualification for business.  It comprise the world’s largest professional body of management accountants and covers various areas of accounting and finance as well as other business areas such as strategies and leadership.  
I am proud to be one of only 40 members of CIMA in Namibia
Q.  How does one become a member of CIMA?
To become a member, various exams covering different areas of accounting and finance must be completed and successfully passed. You then apply for assessment and complete your practical experience requirements.

Q:  Do you have a message to the youth out there on how to strive towards achieving similar qualification and successful carreers?
A: The CIMA syllabus is split into three pillars and three levels, and comprises of 12 exams, containing nine objective tests, three case study exams, and an assessment of practical experience. It is a great choice for someone who enjoys subjects like mathematics and accounting. Although you can begin with a grade 12 quailfication, having a tertiary education will grant you a number of exemptions.
As a CIMA member, you gain the skills needed in today’s fast changing and complex business world. You also gain access to thought leadership and insightful tools that aid in the development of high quality management information. 
Try to limit distractions that are keeping you from reaching your goals, by being mindful of how you use your time. Time is something you will never get back, so use it wisely.

Q. Anything else you would like to add?
I have always believed in supporting “home-grown” products as a Namibian, because we are investing in the sustainability of our local economy. 
For this reason, it is a pleasure for me to be a part of the contributions that Ohorongo Cement is making towards industrializing Namibia.   
Ohorongo Cement is proud to have Ndilimeke as an employee. The company strives towards continuously developing its employees who share in its vision, not only by assisting them in building their personal career paths, but also in developing the person as an individual.
The company recognizes that every employee has the potential for career progress and professional advancement. Through a process of pro-active talent management and the identification of future leaders, we work with employees to encourage and enable them to achieve their full potential. 
In order to open up future perspectives for employees and to nurture ambition, Ohorongo has put a human resource development system in place, giving employees the chance to improve their skills and capabilities and to test themselves against new opportunities.
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