Ohorongo Produced Cement Power with Solar Energy


The Minister of Mines and Energy Hon. Tom Alweendo, today (07 September) inaugurated Namibia’s first privately owned Independent Power Producer (IPP) solar PV plant that will supply power directly to an industrial customer without going through the national transmission grid.

The plant, located next Ohorongo Cement, is a close to N$100 million investment solar plant that will provide green and clean electricity to the cement factory. This will contribute to the reduction of Namibia’s reliance on electricity imports as well as in greenhouse gas emissions.
Hon. Alweendo sees the output of this plant as a contributing factor to the country’s efforts of sustainable electricity generation which he believes has positive implications and far-reaching impacts for the future.

“We trust that this partnership will assist to contribute to alleviating poverty in the region, through stimulating the local economy and providing honest, decent sources of livelihood. In addition to adding to the energy mix, the project will continue to help ensure a renewable supply of power to the Ohorongo Cement Plant; and, perhaps most importantly, ensure future growth for the region, while also contributing to the growth of the country,” said Hon Alweendo.

Ohorongo Cement availed land next to its cement plant for the construction of the Plant. SunEQ four Investment, an Independent Power Producer and solar asset development platform, in collaboration with its Namibian partner, Hungileni CC, developed, constructed and owns the Solar PV Plant.

The plant is equipped with approximately 20,000 polycrystalline silicon modules mounted on a tracking system with an output of 5MWac that will be fed into the electricity grid of cement manufacturing plant, whithout being connected to the NamPower National grid.

“With this, Ohorongo Cement will contribute towards Namibia’s efforts to reduce Namibia’s reliance on electricity import, and assist to reduce CO² emissions from electricity generated using fossil fuels. . In doing so, we will also conserve the precious commodity of electricity that adds so much value to every sector and sphere of our economy,” said Hans-Wilhelm Schütte the Managing Director of Ohorongo Cement.

The investment in this facility is made up of 90% Namibian sourced funds. 30 % of the equity portion is a contribution from our PDN equity partners Hungileni Investments. Furthermore, the construction of this plant was also conducted by a team made up mostly of Namibian experts.

“SunEQ four Investments Namibia is truly honoured to have been a part of this momentous journey from the beginning and is pleased to have done all this, involving Namibian content and investment along the way,” said Alan Okemwa the project Manager Solar investments solutions at SunTrace GmbH (a member of the SunEQ and Hungileni consortium).

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