Ohorongo maintains commitment to quality and the environment


Ohorongo Cement recently received recertification on its Quality & Environmental Management Systems, endorsing the fulfilling of standards, ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015. The certificate was issued after an intensive technical auditing process done by a renowned international body specializing in the independent assessment of the entire production process from the ‘quarry to dispatch’.

From the start, Ohorongo Cement’s products complied with the required SABS certification, and have just been recertified by the Namibian Standards Institution (NSI), demonstrating that the Ohorongo brand can be trusted for consistent commitment to quality.
Since the inception of Ohorongo Cement, the various steps of the cement production process were designed to adhere to world class quality standards while being environmentally conscious. This, therefore, the reason for the implementation of the integrated quality and environmental management system which has been independently audited since 2010. Although this certification is not mandatory, Ohorongo consistently ensures that all business operations exhibits best practices and responsibility towards all stakeholders and the environment.
ISO 9001:2015 deals with the fundamentals of quality management and certification is issued after compliance with the technical auditing process that examines the entire cement making process from raw material extraction from the quarry, through the burning process and cement grinding stages, to service delivery and ultimately customer satisfaction. The certification provides a guarantee that systems are in place at all levels of the organization and that Ohorongo Cement ensures quality at the core of all its processes.
ISO 14001:2015, sets the global standard for an effective environmental management system. This certification demonstrates that Ohorongo has considered the impact of its operations on the environment and has put systems in place to protect the pristine Namibian environment and communities in which it operates. One of the key features of the Ohorongo Cement plant is the many baghouse filters that are installed and maintained to contain air pollution caused by dust. 
Ohorongo is always committed to superior quality products and customer experiences while taking care of the environment.
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