Nedbank – Proudly Built with Ohorongo

Photos by: Shawn Van Eeden (Creative Lab)
Photos by: Shawn Van Eeden (Creative Lab)
Photos by: Shawn Van Eeden (Creative Lab)

Nedbank Namibia’s Windhoek head office has earned a groundbreaking six-star rating from the Green Building Council of South Africa, making it Namibia’s first building to achieve this distinction. Completed in 2022, the sustainable campus incorporates energy-efficient features such as a solar panel roof and rainwater harvesting. Martha Murorua, Nedbank Namibia’s Managing Director, hopes this achievement inspires other businesses to adopt sustainable practices. The building’s construction, led by Namibia Construction (Pty) Ltd, emphasizes sustainability, and 97% of the contract value went to Namibian companies, employing around 400 locals.

The building, designed with 92% strengthening steel and eco-friendly materials, achieved a 93% recycling rate during construction. Notable features include double-glazed windows for thermal comfort, 100% LED lighting, and motion-detection-enabled lights for energy efficiency. Kerry McNamara Architects Inc played a key role, exceeding regulatory requirements for air quality and promoting employee well-being. The six-star rating positions Nedbank as a global leader in sustainable practices, showcasing the accessibility of such achievements. Murorua expresses gratitude for the collective effort, stating that the Nedbank campus symbolizes positive change and a commitment to a green Namibian revolution.


Photography by: Creative Lab

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