Support Ulm e.V. Donate Sunscreen Formulated for sensitive skins worth N$ 3,1 Million to SINASRA

LOCATION: Windhoek

VALUE: N$ 3,100 000.00

Support e.V sunscreen donation to SINASRA
Ms. Birte Veldsman received the sunscreens worth N$ 3,1 Million from Ms Alina Letushila Nelenge who represented Support Ulm e.V. at the event, they are joined by learners living with albinism from the School for the Visual Impaired in Windhoek, Namibia. For immediate release

Support Ulm e.V., a non-profit organization based in Ulm, Germany, under the management and guidance of Prof. Dr. Heinz Maier donated sunscreens formulated for sensitive skins to Support in Namibia of Albinism Sufferers Requiring Assistance (SINASRA). The donation was handed over by Ms. Alina Letushila Nelenge, the CSI representative of Ohorongo Cement, to the Board Member of SINASRA, Ms. Birte Veldsman. The donation was specifically aimed to assist and meet SINASRA halfway in supporting people living with albinism in Namibia by caring for their sensitive skins.

Support Ulm e.V. was established by a group of medical doctors who made it their aim to support medical projects throughout the world. They support various projects by means of financial and humanitarian means as well as through donations.

Speaking at the handover, Ms. Nelenge said that “there was no better day to have the handover than on 10 March which is recognized as the International Day of Awesomeness as these creams will be used by some of the most awesome people in this world”. In accordance with Chapter 3 of The Namibian Constitution which caters for Fundamental Human Rights and Freedoms in Article 10, which stipulates that (1) All persons shall be equal before the law. (2) No persons may be discriminated against on the grounds of sex, race, colour, ethnic origin, religion, creed or social or economic status, it is against this background, that Support Ulm e.V, strongly believes that the donation propels in equalizing the economic playing field for the SINASRA beneficiaries by ensuring their participation in education and other daily economic activities without hinderances because of their condition.

Accepting the donation was Ms. Birte Veldsman, Board Member of SINASRA who could not hide her joy on behalf of the beneficiaries of SINASRA by mentioning that the donation is timely as the need for sunscreen is a constant one within the albinism community. The donation of the sunscreens specially formulate for sensitive skins is to the value of N$3.1 million.

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