Support E.V Donates N$ 2.3 Million

Ohorongo Otavi Community Trust, SUPPORT e.V. and Ministry of Health sign co-opearation Agreement.

At the official signing ceremony in Windhoek on the 24th of March, the Ohorongo Otavi Community Trust (OOCT) and SUPPORT e.V. have signed a technical co-operation agreement with the Ministry of Health and Social Services (MoHSS). This agreement guides the collaboration between the three partners in their mutual aim to develop health care provision in Namibia. A donation of medical equipment in excess of N$2.3 million from OOCT and SUPPORT e.V to the MoHSS cemented this relationship.

The shipment contains mainly sophisticated operating equipment. Vital signs monitors, operating theatre tables, suction apparatuses for operation theatres and anaesthetic machines will soon form a welcome addition to a Namibian hospital. Also part of the consignment is modern hospital clothing designed to minimise risk of infection. This is topped by sixteen children’s cots – enough to furnish an entire children’s ward. The consignment further includes a gynaecologic examination chair, mammographic screening equipment, secretion suction apparatuses, fluorescent screens, medicine trolleys, lamps, examination couches and crutches. This is not the first donation by Support e.V. and OOCT to the MoHSS. During August last year
a first consignment designated to the Otavi Health Clinic arrived and included mainly hospital beds and bed side lockers. Since then, the relationship between the Ministry, the OOCT and SUPPORT e.V. developed into a productive alliance with the mutual vision of long-term improvement of medical facilities and service provision in Otavi and region. Only a day before the signing ceremony, the Ohorongo Otavi Community Trust has inaugurated
the newly renovated Otavi Health Clinic. In a concerted effort between the clinic staff, SUPPORT e.V. and the OOCT, the clinic was painted,the roof fixed, broken fixtures repaired and furnished with new medical equipment and appliances. Over the past year, the Trust and SUPPORT e.V. spent in excess of N$1 000 000.00 to upgrade the clinic. This co-operation between the partners has now culminated into the signing of an official memorandum of understanding.

The key areas of the signed agreement embrace the important and relevant areas of health care provision including the raising of awareness amongst the public but also MoHSS staff on issues relating to communicable diseases with the emphasis on HIV and Aids, reproductive and child health as well as stigmas surrounding mental and physical disabilities. A further focus area is the facilitation of knowledge sharing between the MoHSS staff, patients, the wider public as well as experts in their respective area of medical expertise. Moreover, the agreement entails the co-operation and mutual discussion regarding opportunities and projects concerning the improvement of the health infrastructure and service delivery of particularly the
Otavi region, but also of Namibia at large.

SUPPORT e.V. representative Professor Dr. Heinz Maier is excited about the opportunities offered in the agreement. ‘The agreement paves the road for a number of projects we look forward to tackle. It is only in co-operation with the Ministry that we can make a difference to the people in Otavi.’

Minister Kamwi views this latest donation as well as the previous consignments of SUPPORT as an important gesture deepening the continued co-operation between the partners. ‘The contribution will go a long way to promote quality service delivery particularly with regard to health care services; consequently ensuring the health and wellbeing of our communities.’ Sister Maria, nurse at the Otavi Health Clinic is glad that the three partners have signed the agreement. ‘Although the assistance by the Ohorongo Otavi Community Trust has already
made a big difference to my working environment, in future – together – we will achieve even greater things!’

Mr. Ken Howes, Trustee of the Ohorongo Otavi Community Trust, also thanked the company that arranged the transport. ‘Not only did Namshipship the valuable goods safely from Europe to Walvisbay, they went even further and transported the container to the premises of the MoHSS free of charge!’

The OOCT was found round about 2 years ago in co-operation with Ohorongo Cement and the Otavi Town Council. In teamwork with the local community and SUPPORT e.V. a number of projects have been initiated, such as the renovation of the health clinic, the refurbishment of the playground and the establishment of a specialised room in the health clinic for people affected by albinism.

Support is a NGO based in Ulm in Germany, run by doctors and businessmen. The group is also active in other countries, such as Afghanistan and Eritrea. The focus is to provide financial assistance to reliable development and aid organisations whose projects show positive results. The contribution of SUPPORT e.V. to Otavi has been significant. Besides donations of medical equipment, the group is engaged in a number of fund raising initiatives for Otavi, including a Gala dinner in Germany which was attended amongst others by the Permanent Secretary of the MoHSS Honourable Kahuure. More information on the organisation and its activities in Otavi can be viewed on the SUPPORT e.V. website (

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