Support e.V and Ohorongo Cement aids Suama Adawa’s journey to Mobility

In a world filled with inspiring stories of courage and determination, the tale of Suama Adawa, a 19-year-old Namibian female, stands out as a remarkable testament to the indomitable human spirit. Born with a spinal cord disorder that left a “gap” in between her bones, Suama’s life was marked by discomfort, fatigue, and life-altering challenges. However, her unwavering determination to overcome adversity has not only propelled her through unimaginable trials but also serves as an inspiring example of resilience for us all.

Suama’s life took an unexpected turn as her spinal cord disorder gradually affected her ability to walk and maintain her posture, this condition caused her extreme discomfort, fatigue, and, eventually, the development of painful sores that protruded from her skin, exposing her bones. The relentless pain and the odour emanating from the sores forced Suama to miss two academic years of school, significantly impacting her education and overall well-being.

The Courageous Decision
At the tender age of ten, Suama made a courageous decision with the support of her parents, in a bid to regain her mobility and escape the clutches of her debilitating condition, she chose to have her left leg amputated. Despite the challenges she faced, Suama’s unwavering determination shone through as she continued her education and pursued her dreams.

A Second Battle
However, Suama’s battle was far from over, her remaining leg succumbed to septic complications, leading to another heart-wrenching decision. In 2020, at the age of sixteen, she underwent another amputation, marking the end of her struggle with the painful remnants of her spinal cord disorder.

A Bright Future Beckons
Today, Suama is on the cusp of a bright future, currently enrolled as a grade 12 learner at Ongha Secondary School in Northern Namibia, she eagerly anticipates a life free from the limitations that once bound her, her journey towards mobility has been marked by the support of a loving family and a determination to succeed.

A Quest for Comfort and Mobility
Suama’s current prosthetic limbs, while a step towards regaining her mobility, are far from perfect. The ill-fitted and uncomfortable prosthetics provided for by a local public hospital still cause daily challenges for this young scholar, she yearns for prosthetics that not only help her move but also allow her to do so comfortably and confidently.

The Promise of New Beginnings
Amid her trials, Suama’s spirit remains unbroken, with a custom-made prosthetic leg in
hand for her first trial, she is poised to take another giant step forward in her remarkable journey. Her excitement is palpable, as she envisions a future free from limitations. “I have been doing research and watching videos on the process I am undergoing,” she says with a tear in her eye. “I am excited as the prosthetic looks like real legs.”

Suama returns to the E Dӧman Orthopaedics in November 2023 for final alignments of her prosthetics, Support Ulm e.V. and with Ohorongo Cement (Pty) Ltd, is keeping up with Suama’s journey to mobility.

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