Strong partnerships build strong communities: Brickmaking training at Kambwa Trading Oshakati

LOCATION: Oshakati


About 19 customers of Kambwa Trading Oshakati received training in the art of brickmaking from Ohorongo Cement today (23 May 2019).

Trainees were selected through liaison with Kambwa Trading Oshakati as value addition to their own customers.

The Brickmaking Academy was started by Ohorongo Cement in support of the Harambee Prosperity Plan, as their contribution towards poverty alleviation in the country.

Ohorongo Cement established the Academy in March two years ago, with the aim of assisting government in its goals through the transfer of skills and knowledge.

“With this knowledge, our region will now have its own trained brickmakers, who will be able to manufacture quality bricks, especially for small projects. I believe our people will be able to save costs and time by doing this in-house or on-site. Transport is expensive and in these tough economic times, we have to stand together to see how we can assist one another. The transfer of skills and knowledge can enable Kambwa customers to also train others on how to make quality bricks,” said Mr David Sheehama of Kambwa Trading.

The four hour training entailed both theoretical and practical guidance in the production of quality bricks, as well as on quality assurance mechanisms and the maintenance and caretaking of brick moulds and other equipment.

“We have the future of our country at heart. If the bricks produced by these trainees are used in our capital projects, they will form part of the inheritance for future generations,” said Heimo Nashidengo, Sales Representative of Ohorongo.

“I have learned new skills today,” said Martin Mario, owner of Portuguese Bricks.
He owns three brickmaking businesses and employs 6 people.
“The information I learned today is very relevant. I am so glad that that I came for the training myself and that I did not just send somebody. Normally the brickmakers stay with a business two or three months and then leave again so then the training is lost for the business. Now at least I have the knowledge to pay it forward and train many others in future.
“I know now to look out for the right type of sand, that we must use drinkable water, that the mixing ratios of the sand & cement needs to be right, and also which type of cement is the best for the application of brickmaking,” he said.

After the three hour training session, all trainees received a brickmaking manual for further reference and a certificate of attendance. Beyond the training, Ohorongo Technical Team, together with a support team from the Kambwa Oshakati store, will continue to provide technical assistance and advice to the trainees as required.


NOTE:  Ohorongo Cement / Kambwa Trading are not qualified training institutions and cannot accredit any individual after training has been done. Training is done solely in support of Harambee, transfer of skills & knowledge & job creation in order to empower people

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