Oshikoto Secondary School Scores


VALUE: N$ 25 000.00


Ohorongo Cement deeply cares for the community. Although the company has already invested more than N$ 6 million into CSI projects through it Ohorongo Otavi Community Trust during the past few years, it strives towards making a difference, even in little things.

The focus of the Trust remains on Education, Healthcare and Infrastructure.

In order to instill the same sentiment in its employees, Ohorongo Cement ran an internal competition among its staff. Employees could nominate any Educational Project of their choice and a winner was drawn during a Staff Assembly in a lucky draw.

The winner was Paulus Muteka, Ohorongo Cement Plant Controller, and the project he nominated was Oshikoto Secondary School in Tsumeb.

The school indicated that it required chairs for the school hall and Paulus Muteka was instrumental in ensuring that this wish came true.

During a moving speech, Paulus stressed the importance of education and advised the pupils to take their education seriously.

It came forth that the Mayor of Tsumeb, His Worship, Linekela Shetekela, as well as the Chairman of the School Board, Mr Robert Hoëb , also used to be pupils of Oshikoto Secondary School.

Paulus explained that his siblings were also pupils at Oshikoto school and they all have desirable jobs within the community and that this is what the pupils should also strive to achieve.

The 178 chairs to the value of N$ 25 000 was well received by the pupils.

His Worship, the Mayor, requested the pupils to take good care of the chairs so that it will last to also serve their children one day. He stressed that it might look like a small donation, but that it was not, and that the little things in life are a big deal.

The school principal, Mrs Shingo, commented that when one could ride a horse, you should not forget that there are those who cannot even ride a donkey and that Ohorongo Cement, through OOCT, was like an answer to a prayer at the right time and that they are very thankful for the donation.

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