Ohorongo Assists with New Clinic at Etunda

The founding father of the nation, former President, Dr Sam Nujoma recently donated a large portion of his farm, Etunda, for the construction of a Clinic as well as a Primary School.

Ohorongo Cement was approached by The Sam Nujoma Foundation to assist with the construction which-ever way they can.

It has been confirmed that Ohorongo Cement will donate 34 tons of cement towards the project. Support e.V. from Ulm, in collaboration with the Ohorongo Otavi Community Trust (OOCT), will contribute equipment for the clinic to the value of N$ 600 000-00.

“Education is very important, as those kids are the future leaders of the nation,” said Hans-Wilhelm Schütte, MD of Ohorongo Cement.

“Health is equally important as healthy people build a healthy nation who can all contribute to a healthy and stable economy for Namibia.”

The reason for the project is that Dr Nujoma felt that there are a lot of children from the rural areas in the Otjozondjupa region who are not attending school.

National census data identified a number of people in Namibia who are most vulnerable in terms of drop-out or non-attendance at school. Among the groups identified were the children of the surrounding farms.

This is mainly due to schools experiencing overcrowding and not being able to meeting the demand for enrollment of farmworkers’ children; a lack of finance to pay for school fees; distance to and from school; lack of transport; lack of hostel facilities for accommodation; low level of parents’ interest and lack of support from farm owners.

“The health of our people is critical to enable them to contribute to the socio-economic development of our country. A clinic will provide quality health care services to school children and workers in Otavi District and the surrounding areas,” said Dr Nujoma.

“We will support the clinic by means of supplying the necessary medical equipment for the daily operations of a clinic. The funding for this will kindly be provided by Support e.V. from Ulm, in collaboration with the OOCT,” said Schütte.

The grounds have been debushed and cleared and the first bricks have been delivered.

The construction date is yet to be confirmed.

Mr Schütte closed by saying: “By supporting projects like these, Ohorongo supports the slogan “Growth at Home” and work towards Vision 2030.”

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