Ohorongo and MOHSS Ensures Comfort for People with Disabilities

LOCATION: Windhoek

VALUE: N$ 90 000.00

Hon. Julieta Kavetuna, Hon Alexia ManombeNcube and Esther Mbathera of OOCT and Support Ulm e.V.

Ohorongo Otavi Community Trust (OOCT) and the Ministry of Health and Social Services donated 10 medical beds to the office of the Deputy Minister, responsible for Disability Affairs in the VicePresidents Office today (24 October 2018).

The medical beds with mattresses worth N$90 000, will be distributed to bedridden members of the public, especially those with spinal cord injuries through the office of Disability Affairs.

The donation is a direct result of a Technical Corporation Agreement between Support Ulm e.V., a German based non-profit organisation, OOCT and MOHSS. The agreement makes provision for medical equipment and the exchange of medical professionals, to complement the existing facilities in the country.

“The generosity and enthusiasm of Support Ulm e.V members for the past 10 years, will ensure that we leave a legacy of excellence in health delivery that meets the health demands of all Namibians. This partnership shows how important it is for us to support each other as nations,” said Esther Mbathera the Public Relations and Corporate Communication Manager of Ohorongo Cement.

Deputy Minister responsible for Disability Affairs in the Vice-Presidents Office, Hon. Alexia Manombe-Ncube accepted the donation with enthusiasm, saying that the donation will help prolong the lives of bedridden members of the public. She welcomed this contribution as it came at a time when the ministries are experience budgetary constraints.

“I cannot not stop thanking Support Ulm e.V, OOCT and MOHSS for this supportive gesture. It will make a significant difference in the lives of people with disabilities. Disability in general is costly and need a concerted effort from all stakeholders to help restore the dignity of people with disabilities. Many people with disabilities perish because they do not have basic needs such as medical beds that can prolong their lives,” said Hon Manombe-Ncube.

The Deputy Minister of Health and Social Services, Hon. Julieta Kavetuna agreed to the donation saying that it will contribute to the ministry’s vision of taking health care to the people.

“When this request came I agreed because we talk a lot about taking services to the people.This donation will give us an opportunity to take care of people in their environment. The beds are comfortable and will help prevent patients developing bedsores and/or further injuries,” said Hon. Kavetuna.

Support Ulm e.V. and OOCT have, for the last ten years, prioritized the Namibian health sector by complementing government efforts to ensure adequate health care for all.

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