Installation of Solar geysers at the Johanniter Hostels Khoabeb


VALUE: N$ 126 734.26


Together with the Ohorongo Otavi Community Trust, Namibia Engineering Corporation (NEC), and the First National Bank Foundation, Ohorongo Cement (PTY) Ltd installed a solar water system in the dormitories of the Johanniter HeimeKhoaeb Otavi.

The previous warm water systems in the dorms have been out of order for a while, resulting in cold showers of the pupils aged between preschool levels to 7th grade. This condition did not favour adequate body hygiene or general health of so many children living together, not to speak of the physical discomfort of the children while taking a shower – especially during winter. With the newly installed Solarhart system the times of cold showers are finally over.

The Johanniter hostel was established by a group of Otavi farmers together with the Johanniter Hilfswerke during the late nineteen eighties to accommodate the children of the farm workers. Other Otavi hostels were filled to capacity and could not accommodate any more children, leaving many farm children without residence, thus jeopardising their access to school. Today the hostel accommodates 110 pupils and consists of three sleep halls and one canteen, in which the children also do their homework. The children of the hostel are under 24 hour supervision. The pupils also receive assistance during their homework.


  • Ohorongo Cement (Pty) Ltd
  • Namibia Engineering Corporation (NEC)
  • First National Bank Foundation
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