FNB Namibia & Ohorongo Cement hosts the Brickmaking Training Initiative in Opuwo


VALUE: N$ 300 000

FNB Namibia through the FirstRand Foundation, in partnership with Ohorongo Cement, hosted the Brickmaking Training Initiative in Opuwo, on 16 November 2023.

ole skills development plays an important role in shaping our country’s shared prosperity, and inclusive economic growth agenda. Namibia needs advanced technical and vocational skills, in addition to a flexible workforce that can adjust to rapid shifts in demand especially in the construction sector. Both FNB Namibia and Ohorongo Cement believe that by investing in programmes such as the brickmaking training initiative, we will empower the youth of Namibia to play an active role in building our communities, while also providing much-needed direct investment in the region.

26 Youths, hailing from Opuwo, received training in practical brickmaking, business skills training as well as a starter pack each, to help them kickstart their own businesses.

These starter packs consist of various items including a wheelbarrow, safety boots, cement, builder sand, safety glasses, gloves, 4 x 5 meter PVC sheet, round nose shovels, wooden pounder, brickmaking moulding, brushes and basin for washing of equipment t – to list but a few. Moreover, participants will be taught about the different areas of business that need to be addressed in order to have a functional business, how to address business matters and how to manage their businesses sustainably. They will also be trained on how to address challenges, problems and achieve goals by applying their minds authentically, progressively and intentionally.

Both FNB and Ohorongo Cement recognise that youth entrepreneurship can drive diversification by fostering the growth of
new industries and sectors, reducing the country's vulnerability to economic fluctuations in specific areas while also supporting the Harambee Prosperity Plan and NDP5 through the transfer of skills and knowledge. This also means a whole new world of jobs and economic activities opens up for the future of the country.

The Ohorongo Cement Brickmaking Training Academy has to date provided training to about 1000 people across the 14 regions since its inception in 2016. This collaborative social investment of FNB with Ohorongo Cement is valued at over N$ 300 000.

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