Effective Partnerships for Sustainable Future

The Baard Group and Coastal Precast & Paving, from Walvis Bay recently joined the fight against poverty, by also pledging their support to the Shack Dwellers Federation Namibia (SDFN). They joined the existing partnership of Ohorongo Cement, FNB Foundation Trust and Pupkewitz Foundation.

The two groups’ first commitment came in the form of supplying front loaders during an earthworks exercise at Walvis Bay recently. They worked side-by-side with other captains of industries and politicians, as well as members of the SDFN during the clearing and servicing of 68 plots in Narraville.

“We believe in ploughing back into our communities and as such, we have been involved with the Shack Dwellers for a while already. We know housing presents a big problem and therefore we also want to do what we can to assist with this basic need,” – Charl Baard, Baard Group.

“We want to be a good corporate citizen and support the community with important matters such as the huge housing shortage, especially in our town,” – Simon Van Zyl, Coastal Precast & Paving.

The two companies extended their commitment to avail relevant equipment to the SDFN at the coast as agreed upon, especially during the clearing and servicing phase.On the day, 1 200 community members participated. In January and February, the same exercise will be repeated as a continued effort from SDFN.

“We welcome the Baard Group and Coastal Precast & Paving, as their contribution will surely serve as a vote of confidence in the activities of the SDFN. As such, we will continue to appeal to the private sector to join hands with us to make a true difference in the lives of all Namibians. This can only be done through smart partnerships such as these,” said Carina Sowden of Ohorongo on behalf of the partners.

In 2015, Ohorongo acknowledged the dreams of the SDFN members to have their own houses, and as such, approached the FNB Foundation Trust and Pupkewitz Foundation, to ensure a dedicated effort for support. The three joined hands towards the end of 2015, in support of this community driven housing initiative.

This partnership was a direct result on the plea for private sector and the public at large to assist in the provision of housing nationwide, in support of Namibia’s development policies aimed at leading the country towards prosperity, the Harambee Prosperity Plan (HPP).

Ohorongo, FNB Foundation Trust and Pupkewitz Foundation then committed N$ 6 million over the past two years, which resulted in the construction of 91 houses for the first year. Through this partnership, more than 100 houses are expected to be completed during 2018.The partners want to focus on sustainability and then support the initiative over a longer period of time, which is reviewed on an annual basis.

Together, they believe in effective partnerships for a sustainable future, aimed at viable, innovative and sustainable solutions, specifically aimed at the provision of housing.

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