A significant number of women participate in brickmaking training Khomas region

A significant number of women participates in brickmaking training Khomas region

A significant number of women dominated the 5th training session, offered by the Ohorongo Build it Brickmaking Academy, held at Crown Build it in Windhoek today (13 September).

Eight women formed part of a group of seventeen participants from different constituencies of the Khomas Region, who received guidance on mixing ratios etc. and were trained in the skill of brickmaking. Thus far, more than 70 people from Oshana-, Ohangwena-, Omusati-, Oshikoto- and Khomas Regions, have received training on brickmaking.

“It is heart-warming to see such huge turnout of women to participate in the training here today. I see you are not scared of hard work. Women have the power to transform their communities. We would like to see more women participating in initiatives, that has a potential to impact their livelihoods in a positive way,” said Hans-Wilhelm Schütte, Managing Director of Ohorongo Cement.

As a permanent offset area for the participants’ products, the Build it Group has committed to buy the bricks produced by the trainees, pending adherence to strict quality control measures.

“This Brickmaking Academy is especially important to us, as cement, bricks and blocks forms the stable foundation and framework upon which things grow. If the trainees can produce bricks and create an income, it would contribute towards a growing economy. As people build better and stronger houses, schools and places of work – employment grows, people prosper, children get better education and businesses can thrive and grow, which is the goal,” said Paul Hinson, Category Buyer for the Build it Group.

The Academy, established in March this year, is the result of the Smart Partnership between Ohorongo Cement and one of its customers, the Build it Group, in support of Government’s development policies, as well as poverty eradication efforts.

Khomas Regional Governor, Hon. Laura Mcleod-Katjirua applauded the two entities for their efforts in assisting Government in the fight against poverty.

“You have a desire to inspire others to get on board, creating a snowball effect to help our country. The fact that you involve Government through liaising with the various Governors with this initiative, shows transparency and dialogue, true dedication for the cause. It proves to us that big companies still have a caring heart at its core,” she said.

Beyond the initial training, the Ohorongo Technical Team together with a support team from Built it stores, will continue to provide technical assistance and advice to the trainees.

Trainees’ selection are done through liaison with the various Regional Governors’ offices.

The next brickmaking training will be held in Otjozondjupa Region next month.

Training for the rest of the regions will be conducted during 2018.

Ohorongo Cement / Build it are not qualified training institutions and cannot accredit any individual after training has been done. Training is done solely in support of Harambee, transfer of skills & knowledge & job creation, in order to empower people

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