66 Families found homes through SFDN, Ohorongo Cement, FNB and the Pupkewitz Foundation

On the 2nd of November 2023, the Minister of Urban and Rural Development, Erastus Uutoni, has handed over 66 low-cost houses to Shack Dwellers Federation Namibia (SDFN) members at Narraville, Walvis Bay. Accordning to Uutoni, the ministry is ammending their national housing policy, on order to continue to support organizations like the SFDN to supply decent housing to the Namibian people.

Rigina Hirschfeld’s dream of owning her own house have come true in Walvisbay. She is one of 350 federation members who received a home since the federation registered members in 1998.

Mr. Francisco Maree, who is a member of the Shack Dwellers Federation Facilitation Team at Narraville in Walvis Bay, stated that, despite various difficult challenges, the dedication and perserverance of their community members helped to make the construction of these houses possible.

“Today, as we stand before these 66 beautifully constructed houses, we not only celebrate the fulfillment of a dream, but also acknowledge the great potential that lies within this project.” Mr. Maree said, “These houses are not just bricks and mortar; they represent hope, stability, and the opportunity for a better life.”

He continued to praise the community for their indomitable spirit and their refusal to be deterred by adversity. Mr. Maree also stated that, while this day was a celebration of a great achievement, sight must not be lost of the other 5238 member that are still waiting for homes of their own.

In addition to the local members of the SDFN, representatives of Ohorongo Cement, FNB and the Pupkewitz foundation, the celebrations were also joined by international delegates from from the Philippines, Senegal and Zambia, in hopes to learn and gain knowledge on how to help their own communities with housing back home.

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