Leading the Way in

Environmental Responsibility

At Ohorongo, we proudly operate one of the world’s most environmentally friendly cement plants. Located at Farm Sargberg, our plant is not just a facility; it’s an integral part of the environment, shared with the people, animals, and plants of the region. We are deeply committed to treating the environment with care and respect.


Environmental Stewardship

At Ohorongo, we take environmental stewardship seriously. We pay particular attention to controlling air pollution, safeguarding water resources, and monitoring noise levels. Our highest priority is the stringent protection of nature. In recognition of our dedication to environmental management, we have achieved ISO 14001 certification.

Mining with a Difference

In the cement industry, we stand out by ensuring that 99% of the mined materials are used for cement production. This means no waste material is mined, resulting in a significantly smaller quarry footprint compared to the rest of the mining industry. There’s no waste stream from our process. We’ve implemented a comprehensive rehabilitation plan for the quarry, including separate storage of topsoil. This ensures the quarry can be fully rehabilitated, preserving it for alternative uses for future generations.

Efficient Energy Usage

Our commitment to environmental sustainability extends to energy efficiency. The technology at Ohorongo ensures a highly energy-efficient process, and we continuously work to maintain low specific energy consumption. In 2018, we commissioned a PV Solar Plant to further reduce our carbon footprint.

A Shift Away from

Fossil Fuels

Traditionally, fossil fuels such as hard coal, oil, and gas are used for thermal energy in clinker production to burn for energy in the kiln. As part of our commitment to a sustainable future, we’re replacing fossil fuels with alternative options like wood chips, charcoal fines, and refuse-derived fuel (RDF). Unlike fossil fuels that need to be imported, our alternative fuels are sourced and manufactured in Namibia, contributing to the country’s trade balance and job creation. Ohorongo boasts one of the lowest carbon footprints per ton of cement in the global cement industry, thanks to the recognition of CO2 emissions from alternative fuels as partially neutral.

Woodchip fines

Sustainable Fuel Sources

Wood chips and charcoal fines are derived from encroacher bushes in Namibia, supporting national efforts to restore farmland, raise the water table, and increase farm productivity. With over 30 million hectares recognized as encroached by bushes, these fuels are viewed as sustainable.

Refuse Detived Fuel (RDF) is derived from hand-selected household and commercial refuse stream fractions, diverting waste from landfills and reducing emissions and pollution while creating jobs.

Ohorongo Cement: Leading the Way in Sustainable Practices

Conserving Water

Our modern cement manufacturing process is designed to minimize water usage. We use air quenching instead of water cooling, and the majority of water is used for ablution.

To reduce our environmental impact, we treat this water for reuse in irrigation and dust suppression, further lowering our impact on the surrounding environment.

Emissions Control

We’ve installed over 40 bag house filters to minimize dust emissions, protecting the environment and the health of our people. The high temperatures in our manufacturing process ensure the complete destruction of organic pollutants.

Carbon and SO² emissions are among the world’s lowest due to our energy-efficient process and use of alternative fuels. Our extended cement products, such as Ohorongo’s CEM II B-LL 32.5N and CEM II B-V 42.5N, further reduce CO² emissions per ton of cement.

High Quality, Namibian Cement

Durable and Eco-Friendly Products

Ohorongo’s cement is renowned for its durability and long-lasting quality. 

In the application of concrete, it’s partially recyclable. We package our product in biodegradable bags, aligning with our commitment to environmental responsibility.

At Ohorongo, we’re not just cement producers; we’re pioneers in environmental sustainability, and our eco-friendly solutions ensure that you’re making a responsible choice for your projects.